• I have been riding for most of my life.

  • A simple thought that it would be fun to have a go at riding when I was five, has become my passion - same as any other person who has ever ridden a horse.

  • From riding lessons at a school, to my first loan pony, to my first own pony, to my first horse - each has been a small step on an incredible journey that is really just beginning.

  • Instead of continuing in standard education, in 2013, I was accepted onto the Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE) and worked at a professional yard as a working pupil. This was an exciting year and gave me the opportunity to have training by some of the top professionals, namely Irish Olympic dressage rider Heike Holstein and British Olympic rider Di Lampard to name just two. I was also trained on additional equine related subjects such as Horse Health, Personal Fitness and mental preparation, media awareness to name a few.

  • As I am not from a horsey background, or have unlimited funds, or a 'name',  I do my best to work hard and continue to be dedicated to my horses.

  • to be continued.......

About me - my story so far...